flagship rover


The Situation

NBA all star and the league’s biggest coffee aficionado, Jimmy Butler took his
off-court obsession and created Big Face Coffee, paving a “new frontier” for
coffee in 2021. After perfecting the drinks from specialty beans around the
world with high quality gear and accessories, he was ready to evolve the vision
in 2022 and create a spacelike mobile café that could travel to coffee lovers
across the country, complete with a full service coffee bar for VIP access

What We did

○ Concept-> Design->Engineering-> Build->Delivery. We designed and built at
our studios in Los Angeles, and went to Miami for the first couple activations to
troubleshoot, ensure a smooth experience, and train the operators.

The results

○ Jimmy Butler and his team were over the moon, the coffee was amazing ( we
recommend the iced purple coffee- no question, it’s the best in the game) and
this one-of-a-kind mobile coffee unit from the future is set to travel city to city
delivering high quality coffee on the new frontier.

The team

○ Lead Design: Monitor Well (Anthony Hart)
○ Engineer/Execution: Anthony Hart, A.J. Lendo, Forrest Eammons, Gabe Hart,
Frey Mudd)