Jeeter Mart

Jeeter- 2022

The Situation

Scope of work: 6 mobile activations for new product (new strain) to tour the existing california market, as well as launch their products in the new markets of MI & AZ. Statewide tours for all 3. 10ft x 10ft max footprint, with modular capabilities to support reconfiguration. 


  • Challenge: Create an immersive experience that could standout and have a large presence, with the ability to be broken down easily (less than 1 hour, by 2 people) and fit into a sprinter van


  • Desired experience: Re-creating the nostalgic feel of shopping at 7/11 for snacks as a kid, inside brand partners brick and mortar locations, while giving customers an opportunity to touch and feel the products, and securing their information. 

What We were presented with

  • Renderings: Mock up of a basic counter/display shelf
  • Brand assets/support from the graphics team to ensure proper usage of brand assets

What we came up with

  • Designed a modular “convenience store” (that could be broken into 2 activations if necessary) including:
  • 2 “counters” big enough for 2 people to work at.
  • Display shelf complete with translucent door
  • Bubble mirror- for selfies
  • Branded Rugs- 2 rugs per activation, one with reversed branding to be displayed in front of the bubble mirror so that it read correctly during selfies
  • Branded hot dog roller that rolled products 
  • Branded “parking”/no loitering signs
  • Branded parking curbs
  • Branded “donut” display
  • Brand lotto ticket display and accompanying (branded) lotto tickets

what we executed on

Engineering/build/procurement of all components, packaging/crating and shipping of each, as well as hosted a crew at our studio to film “how-to” assembly video

The results

  • Adweek
    • Featured in AdWeek for notable Activation. 
  • This activation completed over 100 pop-up stops and has since continued onward.

The team

Lead Designer: FoF

Fabrication: FoF

Install: FoF