Out West - campaign

The Situation

Elwood Clothing was looking to evolve its well received content by incorporating more video into the shoots, behind the scenes and a view into the day-to-day within the company and it’s team. 

What We did

They have been successful on social media and are experts with short form content, but wanted to evolve beyond a brand known for selling on Instagram. They had a lot of ideas they wanted help bringing to life with a motion look book and more cinematic visuals

What we executed on

  • (1) 1 minute campaign video (Motion Look Book)
  • (3) :15 (Vertically Shot) Social Assets
  • (100) Film (Color + B&W) Photos
  • (55) iPhone Photos (edited)
  • (8) Stringouts

The team

Director, Cam A: Scott Postl

Producer, BTS: Anthony Lazzaro

DP: Matt Parchen

Let's Build