Heavyweights for elwood

motion lookbook

The Situation

Elwood Clothing was looking to continue to evolve its well received content by incorporating more video into the shoots, behind the scenes and a view into the day-to-day within the company and it’s team. 

What We did

They have been successful on social media and are experts with short form content, but wanted to evolve beyond a brand known for selling on Instagram. They had a lot of ideas they wanted help bringing to life with a motion look book and more cinematic visuals. We have worked with Elwood on previous campaigns, and we were able to build off of the comradery and energy we create the time before. It’s always a pleasure working with this team. 

What we executed on

  • (1) 1 minute campaign video (Motion Look Book)
  • (3) :15 (Vertically Shot) Social Assets
  • (3) String-outs
  • (45) Photos
  • (111) BTS Photos
  • (41) BTS Video Clips

The team

Director, Cam A: Scott Postl

DP: Matt Parchen

Producer, BTS: Anthony Lazzaro


Let's Build