House of Athlete

House of Athlete - 2021

The Situation

Star wide receiver and House of Athlete founder Brandon Marshall wanted a basketball court designed and built that could travel as needed, to be activated first near their flagship facility in Weston, FL, for players to use Summer of 2021. Only challenge being every court production company was 18 months out, and an NBA team was coming to play on this court in less than 3 weeks…

What We Did

TYP created a unique, colorful court design that incorporated HOA’s branding, we sourced a basketball court from Iowa that had been used in an NCAA tournament some years ago, traveled to South Florida to build the court and wrapped it with his design. After the court was finished, T worked with HOA’s local team to build out the area surrounding the court to ensure any content produced would look good.

The results

The court was designed, sourced, and built in 19 days- quick enough for the Memphis Grizzlies to get runs in while they were in town. The court is able to disassemble/reassemble when needed, with plans for new designs to grace the hardwood in the future.

The team

TYP, A.J. Lendo.